Aluminium HPDC process

Aluminium HPDC process

The HPDC plant includes 20 High Pressure Die Casting machines, which have a closing power between 170 and 1450 tons. Such heterogeneity allows Fisep to provide goods with a weight range between few hundreds of grams up to 25-30 Kilos, fulfilling each specific need of its customers.

Three furnaces provide 4-5 tons of molten aluminium each hour. Each production island has its own maintaining furnace where further metallurgical treatments take place; this allows to obtain the best quality of the alloy which is necessary to let a continuum in the phase of injection during the HPDC process. The presence of three melting furnaces also permits to use different alloys without interrupting the whole production process.

Each production island disposes of an automatic lubricator and is served by newest anthropomorphic robots. Moreover, there is a blanking press that serves for the automatic sprueing and deflashing of the cast parts. These hi-tech islands contributes to the precision and reliability for the whole production process.

The approach to an industrial development of the product allows Fisep to implement specific production islands that include post-processing: in same case milling or turning is done within the production island itself.

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