Brass hot forging process

Brass hot forging process


The hot forging plant count 6 machines with a closing power between 170 and 350 tons. Thanks to this Fisep can offer products with a weight range between few dozens of grams up to 1-2 Kilos, fulfilling each specific need of its customers


Fisep is equipped with highly technological machines for hot forging; an extremely qualified staff takes care of their set up. Each man carries out its task with passion and attention to details in order to optimize the production process, with the aim of ensuring high quality.


Each molding press is equipped with a graphite lubricator and with an automatic billet heating furnace. For specific product, Fisep also includes a shearing division where flashes are erased by using blanking molds.


Fisep also counts two shot blasting lines: one uses steel and the other brass. Such heterogeneity fulfils the specific surface finishes required by the customer and allows a complete sweeping of the products.

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