Fisep’s technical department employs trained professionals , characterized by a 50-years-experience know-how in the design and manufacture of molds . This makes Fisep a reliable partner in the development of the most complex tasks in the field of HPDC process and brass hot forging , dealing, alongside its customers, with brand new projects and co-design activities .


The service we provide is concerned with the fulfillment of our customers’ special needs, remaining constantly in touch with them by listening to their requirements and supporting them in their goals. Fisep is able to accomplish all this thanks to a close collaboration with experienced designers that help us in the product’s layout development , given its specific purposes.


In developing moulds and tools we utilize advanced software for HPDC simulations , which allows us to analyse alloy flows and injection dynamics . Such analysis permits to study and minimize the possible defects and imperfections that might occur during the production process, thus we are able to preserve the durability of the moulds and the quality of the final product, both in aesthetic and functional terms .


The technical department finds its own extension in the production plant, since it cooperates with the moulds’ maintenance division . Here we carry out interventions of both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance for the tools that we collect on our moulds warehouse.
Drawing up a report on each activity that is achieved on the mould allows our customers to keep trace of the condition of its tools.


Our expertise,

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