Since 1967, Fisep has been an benchmark of excellence in the industry of the aluminium (HPDC) process and brass hot forging, being a landmark for hundreds of Italian and European companies that operate in the burners, gas valves and semi-finished goods industries.


Fisep is a synonym of continuous innovation and technological research, accordingly with the passion and skills that characterized its origins.


Founded by Ottaviano Pozzan, which was a clever interpreter of the functional needs of his customers, Fisep enhances efficiency and optimization throughout all its divisions, thanks to massive investments in both machines and processes.


Nowadays Silvano Pozzan, Ottaviano’s son, is carrying on this challenging venture. He is leading the company on a highly innovation oriented path with strong willpower. His constant aim is to identify, shape and offer to the customers the best solutions in our field of competences, mixing expertise and cutting-edge tools, in line with the highest quality standards required on an international level.


Co-design activities, metrology, solid partnerships with energy managers, the ability of produce highly customized items in small batches and the consistent cooperation with D&D offices are among the strategic assets that Fisep, being present in several countries all over the world, can offer to the markets where it operates.