Innovation and optimization are the basis of Fisep’s constant improvement development, being aware that a satisfying product can be the output only of an efficient production process. Strongly convinced of all this, Fisep has always invested in innovations and in a maintenance program for its machines.


During the 2016, in the plant for the aluminium HPDC process, 2 brand new production islands were brought in and 2 more were completely inspected; in the hot forging brass division a new 320 tons high performing machine was introduced.


Investments in process enhancing were made also for the finishing division: post-processing operations are a key part of what Fisep offers to its customers. Accordingly, during 2016, Fisep brought in such department a newest shotblasting machine, that assures high quality and great output performances.


The optimization of the whole process is guaranteed by the new ERP. Such integrated System allows Fisep to keep a constant performances measurement of each production island. Monitoring the totality of the islands ensures to keep trace of the total efficiency for the whole production plant and, consequently, individuate the critical issues that must be solved.


Accordingly with the optimization necessities, the design of the final product must match both aesthetic and productive needs. During the design of the product, in fact, the technical department aims to merge these two aspects that, if both existing, ensure the success of the final product.



An efficient production process behind a high quality product