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Brass is an excellent conductor of heat and offers high machinability and ductility. For this reason, it lends itself very well to the production of flame spreaders for professional kitchens and filter holders for bar coffee machines. Fisep Brass forge flame spreaders and brass filter holders in different sizes, then mechanically worked with finishes such as chromeplating and ready for use.


The hot forging of brass has an important advantage which considerably improves its quality: thanks to the automated hydraulic press it is in fact possible to obtain hydraulic fittings free of imperfections and with thin thicknesses which guarantee maximum precision and lightness. The absence of defects guarantees the tightness of the hydraulic connection. Fisep Brass has many years of experience in the production of medium-high volumes of fittings for thermo-hydraulics.


Brass is a metal alloy characterized by high resistance to abrasion and corrosion, and is also an excellent conductor of electricity and heat. Furthermore, this material offers good mechanical strength, as well as high machinability and ductility. For applications relating to submersible and submersible industrial pumps, Fisep Brass has gained considerable experience in the production of open or closed radial impellers, characterized by the presence of a double disc, the objective of which is to eliminate blade vibrations. Fisep also has its own range, available on request in various diameters and thicknesses.


Aluminum has a high thermal conductivity, ideal for creating efficient and high quality exchangers, suitable for every field of use. The production of heat exchangers for industrial applications is a cornerstone of Fisep.



Fisep has been producing aluminum alloy die-cast components for years used for industrial electric motors, such as heat sinks and housings.


The continued growth of electrified powertrains and battery electric vehicle platforms are recently driving aluminum to even greater market penetration. Fisep has gained significant experience in the production of components for the automotive sector, in particular for electric mobility, using alloys with a low iron content for on-board battery recharging systems which are used on cars in the premium segment. Fisep also boasts high competence in the production of display carriers for navigation systems.


Among the many advantages of aluminum die casting, some are a direct consequence of the characteristics of the material. In fact, aluminum excels in terms of lightness, resistance to corrosion, both thermal and electrical conductivity, workability and recyclability. This versatility allows the use of many die-cast products in different application sectors. The products made by Fisep are used for automotive applications, earth moving machines and various industrial sectors such as thermal and electrical.

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