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Fisep is able to offer customers technical solutions starting from the co-design in the mold design phase, the simulations and the study of the casting using MAGMA software in order to define an optimal HPDC process. In terms of finishes, Fisep is able to offer sandblasting, tumbling, precision machining, painting, galvanizing, anodizing and pre-assemblies.


Fisep has 18 automated cells with die casting presses from 170t to 1450t with integrated sprue blanking, capable of producing components weighing up to 25 kg. To ensure traceability throughout the entire production chain, Fisep also has laser marking systems integrated into the production islands. The foundry is equipped with 4 melting furnaces which allow simultaneous management of different types of alloys. The finishing department has 3 sandblasting plants of different types.


Fisep Brass has 6 presses for hot brass forging, of which 5 rocker presses with a tonnage from 300t to 750t and one automated hydraulic press of 315t. The plants are equipped with graphitizing machines and billet heating ovens self-serving. It is possible to print parts up to 6 kg. The mechanical machining department is made up of 4 multi-station transfers and a 4-axis CNC equipped with a rotating table.


Fisep over the years has specialized in brass die casting with the use of a dedicated 300t press.


Fisep manufactures rotors for electric motors in aluminum alloy. The die casting cell in Fisep can overmould rotors of different diameters, heights and weights. In addition, customized rotor versions can be manufactured upon request.

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